CPLI Leadership Panel

On the evening of Thursday, October 24, 2007, I participated in a panel discussion for the Citizens’ Participation Leadership Institute held on the campus of Shaw University.

CPLI is program that the City of Raleigh Community Services Department coordinates for community leaders.  Kevin Smith, Community Specialist asked me to participate and to give the class an idea of what it is like on the “front lines” of community leading.  I talked about how I got involved with “Paving the future on Lineberry Drive,” the helping to build the foundation for the Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch and then my involvement with the Lineberry Alliance.  I also addressed many of their questions about some of the struggles we are still trying to overcome and also shared the vision for Lineberry Park.

When asked for one piece of advice, I gave them several tidbits.  Don’t let a good idea die (thinking about the online crime mapping initiative), don’t get burned out (time management, family, etc.), and stay passionate about your community.

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