Traffic Signal Coming to Lineberry and Trailwood

The intersection at Trailwood Drive and Lineberry Drive has been continuously evolving over the past few weeks for the installation of a new traffic signal that should improve safety measures at the increasingly heavy-traveled entrance to our neighborhoods.   NCDOT officials indicate the traffic signal installation should be complete by the end of May 2009.  Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the tentative restriping of the intersection, which will include a signalized 4-way crosswalk.  Just this week, utility poles were installed by NCDOT contractors.

If you travel through this intersection in the mornings, then you’ve probably noticed some increased traffic.  My best guess is that this is mostly associated with the start time of NC State classes.  But, additional travelers are also using Trailwood Drive as a cut-through to Tryon & Avent Ferry and to  Centennial Campus Middle school.  Traffic coming from Lineberry Drive making a right onto Trailwood Drive has been known to back-up to well-past the second entrance of University Village (formerly Melrose Apartments). In the same breath, residents of University Woods making a left from their complex onto Trailwood Drive have difficulty getting out as well.

About a year ago, when this project was under study by NCDOT for the Spot Safety Funding, the original recommendation to install a flashing signal was replaced with a traffic signal.  The traffic signal was recommended based on the increase in the “angle type crashes” reported at the intersection.

So hopefully, by the end of May 2009, our community will have a signalized intersection at Trailwood Drive and Lineberry Drive, complete with a 4-way, pedestrian-head crosswalk.  The crosswalk should assist residents from University Woods and other neighborhoods that cross Trailwood Drive to catch the bus, exercise, or do other pedestrian-friendly activities.  The traffic signal should improve safety conditions for all motorists and pedestrians.

4 Responses to “Traffic Signal Coming to Lineberry and Trailwood”

  1. I noticed the poles going up the other day… I was hoping that’s what they were for!

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  3. avatar Chad Smith says:

    What’s the bet on when it will be functional? I say by the end of this week (April 24). My wife says in mid-May. I’m betting she wins.

  4. avatar DPK says:

    Traffic light is active as of today. Pay attention and prepare to stop when it cycles to red. The guy in front of me today on Trailwood nearly ran through a red light because he wasn’t used to it being there.

    They really should have a sign a hundred or so yards out with something like “new signal, be prepare to stop” or something.