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District D Citizens Spice Up 2030 Maps

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Over the past month, District D Councilor, Thomas Crowder, has lead an effort to gather concerned citizens and foster participation in Raleigh’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan.  Three meetings were held on May 10, May 16, and May 24 where citizens gathered to review the Growth Framework map, Greenprint map, and Future Land Use Map.  The notes from those meetings are available for your perusal:

What are the next steps? (more…)

PRR-Watch Keeps Guard Up

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Raleigh, NC – The Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch, building a safe and informed family community, held it’s Spring quarterly meeting on May 18, 2009 and recently posted their meeting notes [PDF] to During the meeting, attendees discovered 9-1-1 calls were down since February 1, 2009 (112 calls), but were warned to keep their guard up. In area around the Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate community, there were close to 800 calls made to 9-1-1.

The hot topics included (more…)

Trailwood Hills Updates Pool Rules for 2009

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Raleigh, NC — Trailwood Hills HOA recently posted an update from their board meeting held on May 12, 2009.  The board is interested in making some beautification enhancements to their entrances but also posted information about new pool rules.

The update stated:

“The new pool keys are being distributed and the system will be in place for the pool opening Memorial weekend. The Board decided that the fining process for the pool with respect to having a dog in the pool area and having glass in the pool area will be a warning letter for the first offense, a $100 fine for the second offense, and loss of pool privileges for the third offense.”

The update also mentioned a pool party slotted for July 18, 2009 that aims to bring the neighbors together in a festive gathering to meet one another.  Last years pool party was a great success.  You can find out more about Trailwood Hills at

PRR-Watch Prepares for May 2009 Meeting

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Raleigh, NC – The Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate Community Watch, building a safe and informed family community, has prepared the agenda for their quarterly meeting to be held on May 18, 2009.  Topics include crime prevention, police report, how 911 works, and an update from community services. The May 18, 2009 agenda [PDF] and an informational flyer [PDF] has been posted to the website.

DDNA Meeting Notes May 16, 2009

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) meeting notes from May 2009.  It was standing room only today, with over 30 District D neighbors attending.  The meeting was focused on reviewing the 2030 Draft Comprehensive Plan.  The Growth Framework map, Greenprint map, and Future Land Use Map were electronically projected for review.  Maps for the draft comprehensive plan can he found on the Supporting Maps page on the city’s website.   A resounding theme throughout the meeting was to keep Raleigh what makes it Raleigh, and maintain the concept of a city within a park.

Meeting Notes
The group reviewed the Growth Framework Map [PDF].  This map is not used for zoning, and is for illustrative purposed only.  We noted that there are five major rail stops planned in District D.  Some folks were concerned with the growth impact on the neighborhoods around Cameron Village; which could create a future bottle neck scenario on Wade Avenue (connecting to RTP) because of the proposed growth area.  There was also notable concern with a dotted line (road proposal) near Ready Creek which currently has a 25 MPH speed limit but is designated a minor thoroughfare.

The group also reviewed the Greenprint [PDF], the map that highlights parks and areas that must be environmentally sustained or are environmentally sensitive.  The 2030 study group strongly believes that the Greenprint should be the foundation of the land use map and that the focus should be on sustainability.

Next, was the Future Land Use Map [PDF].  The group spent the most time on this map and drilled down to each neighborhood where concerns were raised and requested changes noted.  First a baseline was established and the different colors, densities, and designation were reviewed.   Then, a few of the major concerns expressed by the 2030 study groups were stated:

  • transitions from one density to another; the analogy for transitions used was to think of weddings cakes instead of canyons
  • concerns on the 320 units / acre for downtown without any height restrictions and questions from new members: Is downtown big enough to handle that kind of density?
  • planning for schools is not included in the plan
  • opportunities to redevelop older / declining shopping centers (more…)

DDNA Meeting Notes April 18, 2009

Friday, May 15th, 2009

District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) meeting notes from April 2009.  Apologies for the delayed posting. (more…)

Parking Tickets Bloom in Trailwood Hills

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The message is getting out: Trailwood Hills HOA is serious about quality of life issues that impact their residents.  Monday May 4, 2009 was just like any other day in Trailwood Hills.  It was a great Spring morning with a light breeze and the flowers blooming.  And parking citations were being handed out left and right.  That’s right, parking citations were blooming like wild flowers today after some neighbors were fed up with the parking violations.  A frustrated resident sent an email to the neighborhood mailing list that sparked calls to the non-emergency number to report the violations.  The results: almost 20 parking citations being issued.  Raleigh Police Department (RPD) has been very supportive of correcting this behavior in the Lineberry area.

Last week I met with Lt Perry and two Sgts. from the Southwest district and informed them that parking and party issues are  top quality of life issues for the Lineberry area.  They listened.  RPD has and will continue to be responsive to these concerns and enjoys working with the neighborhoods.  The most common parking violations are: (more…)