DDNA Meeting Notes from August 2009

District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) August 15, 2009 meeting (Raleigh, NC) — The room was packed for our August monthly meeting of the District D Neighborhood Alliance. Twenty citizens from around the district attended the meeting and helped review the District D proposed land use map. We started in Boylan Heights and went counter-clockwise around the district, getting consensus from those in attendance who know their neighborhoods best and identifying any additional changes.

Meeting notes

The notes below will highlight most of the areas we’ve changed from the existing future land use map (FLUM) [PDF, ~5MB]. They are shown on the proposed land use map, specific for District D [PDF, ~5.5MB]. The changes are outlined in a bold, black line and the underlying land use (color) has been updated to reflect what DDNA thinks it should be. The changes mostly are proposing better transitions of land use types between existing neighborhoods and other land uses that surround our neighborhoods.

District D Proposed Land Use Map

District D Proposed Land Use Map

View the more detailed version of the proposed land use [PDF].

  • Boylan Heights outlines the boundaries for the Gateway Plan [PDF] and pushes the Central Business District (CBD) east while introducing Neighborhood Retail Mixed Use and Medium Density Residential to transition from downtown to the neighborhood
  • West Morgan should be made into a Special Study Area / Small Area Plan for future analysis to eliminate the CBD infringement on their neighborhood
  • Cameron Village area includes the recommendations presented at Thursday’s public hearing and shows the Small Area Plan included
  • Wade Ave updated the area to the east of Ridgewood Shopping Center for better transition
  • The two Hillsborough Street proposed transit stops (west) have updated density to promote better land use than the current FLUM represents.
  • Hillsborough St / Western Blvd / Buck Jones (malfunction junction) should be converted to a Special Study Area / Small Area Plan for future analysis due to concerns about the Western Blvd extension and redevelopment of the shopping center
  • Gorman Street / I-40 concerns about the intension of Community Retail Mixed Use (which is the same designation as Cameron Village)
  • Lineberry area needs to add the park at Sierra Drive and Lineberry Drive and discussed the need for more Neighborhood Retail Mixed Use and Office & Residential Mixed Use, which is reflected in the Stewart Drive update
  • Peach Road has some updated neighborhood retail mixed use areas
  • Caraleigh has updated the Green Street area to provide better transition from the Office & Residential Mixed Use to the neighborhood

Additionally, many people are having trouble finding the Certified Recommendations (CR) from the Planning Commission (PC) and other documentation. We’ve added links here to help you:


  • Connie Crumpler, Caraleigh / SWCAC
  • John G. Reaves, Jr., Caraleigh / SWCAC
  • Benson Kirkman, Avent West / West CAC
  • Chris Weedy, Boylan Heights
  • Jimmy Creech, Boylan Heights
  • Russ Stephenson, University Park
  • R. Bethea, Historic Method
  • Ted Shear, Avent West / West CAC
  • George Adler, Cameron Park
  • Jim Paumier, Fairview Acres
  • Bill Padgett, Wade CAC
  • Tom Erwin, Cameron Village
  • Phil Poe, Glenwood-Brooklyn
  • Jean Salter, Wade CAC
  • Sophia Katheriou, Glenwood-Wade
  • Shelby Gainer, Roylene Acres
  • Mary Belle Pate, Fairway Acres
  • Ana Duncan Pardo, West Morgan / Hillsborough CAC
  • Jason Hibbets, Lineberry Alliance / SWCAC
  • Thomas Crowder, City Council District D

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