DDNA Meeting Notes February 2010

District D Neighborhood Alliance meeting held on February 20, 2010 at the Wade Avenue Whole Foods community room. Phil Poe provided a thorough and insightful update of the ongoing UDO (Uniform Development Ordinance) process.

The New Development Code DIAGNOSTIC & APPROACH REPORT was issued February 1, 2010.  Those present at the meeting agreed to divide up the report into chapters for analysis.

Meeting Notes

  • Front yard parking text change is now in Comp planning
    • Square footage for additional parking pad went up from 320 to 450
    • Can pave up to 40% of any yard
  • Re-zoning
    • West Morgan special study
    • Ridgewood shopping center
  • City is being sued to rescind the text change that was approved stating where pawn shops can be opened
  • TOD (Transit Orientated Development)
    • Roberta Fox will speak in March; Mitch Silver calls this presentation TOD 101
    • Email will be sent to the DDNA list
  • UDO – Presentation from Phil Poe
    • Outline is online (http://www.fivepointscac.org/newraleighcode).  Can register to add comments/new text
    • Code has nine sections
    • “Plug & play” type code; staff writing a lot of the code
    • Timetable is extremely aggressive; only 18 months
    • Code Studio is the lead consultant
    • Three advisory group meetings so far (Phil is part of this group)
    • Next advisory group meeting is March 3rd from 4-6pm at the Urban Design Center and is open to the public
    • Learning Sessions/Feedback
      • March 15th:  Noon at All Saints Chapel and 6-8pm at Fletcher Opera Theatre
      • March 16th:  6-8pm at Providence Baptist Church
    • Hot topics
      • Need clear standards
      • Complete streets (pedestrians, bikes, cars, maybe light rail)
      • Open space/tree conservation
      • Accessory dwellings
      • Mapping (context and put new regulations in effect)
      • Fragile or at-risk neighborhoods (i.e. Fuller Heights)


  • Danielle Simorelli – Lineberry Alliance
  • Will Allen – Cameron Village
  • Joe Boisuert – University Park
  • Jim Paumier – Fairview Acres
  • Phil Poe – Glenwood Brooklyn
  • Louise Griffin – University Park
  • Mary Belle Pate – Fairway Acres
  • Mo Johnson – Renaissance Park
  • Shelby Gairer – Roylene Acres
  • Sophie Katharion – Wade/Glenwood
  • Ana Duncan Pando – Hillsborough/W. Morgan
  • Renee Bethea – WCAC/Historic Method
  • Thomas Crowder

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