DDNA Meeting Notes March 2010

The monthly District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) meeting was held on March 20, 2010 at the Wade Avenue Whole Foods community room. We continued discussion around the UDO (Uniform Development Ordinance) process and the urgent need for citizen comments. The new code is of greater importance than the review of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

Great schools in Wake County also held an event this morning where many of our DDNA members were. There was no special guest today, it’s been busy at city hall with the Lightner Center, pre-budget preparation, and the new Raleigh Code development review.

Meeting Notes

The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to future land use and growth. The Unified Development Ordinance is law. The review of the UDO is critical to Raleigh’s future. The consultants hired have analyzed our current code and made recommendations to rewrite it in the Diagnostic & Approach Report. The report is not that exciting to read, but the decisions made as a result of the report will impact how Raleigh grows in the future. One analogy, it’s like trying to read a French novel in French. DDNA has three members on one of the advisory committee’s, but no one has stepped up to lead the chapter review mentioned in the last meeting.

Denver and Miami’s code have been re-written, Memphis is finishing their code development re-write. All of them looked at form-based coding. They took 3-5 years to complete their re-writes, Raleigh is trying to complete theirs in 18-months. Form-based zoning would define things like height, density, placement of windows, etc.  For more details on form-based zoning, see Can Form-Based Zoning Save Raleigh’s Growth? and Form-Based Zoning Q&A.

We discussed concerns about strip-outs on boulevards and wondered if we are ending up with a half-baked code? (Because of our time constraints.) Another major concern is there is no section in the diagnostic report on fragile and at-risk neighborhoods.

We talked about inclusionary zoning and accessory dwelling units. The report is suggesting to move away from Conditional-Use zoning, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because the recode, if done correctly, would provide us with more predictability.

We talked about the process itself. Comments are due by the end of the month, in the Limehouse portal, by March 31, 2010. Things of interest might include:

  • Multi-way boulevards page 19
  • Tree protection page 34
  • Conditional zoning page 69
  • Transitions page 85
  • Base zoning districts 99

Not many folks are commenting, no one from the DDNA has stepped up to review the different chapters yet. There are only 10 days left to comment.

TC-02-10 Conditional Use Zoning

Concerns, the proposal is trying to remove buildings materials and the meeting with the neighbors does not include a meeting with the Citizens Advisory Councils (CACs). See: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25236868/TC-02-10-Conditional-Use-District-Rezoning

Other Updates

Front Yard Parking has gone through the planning commission and is now in comprehensive planning. The planning commission increased the additional parking pad from 330 square feet to 420 square feet. Look for an update from Elizabeth Byrd with a tracked change document. One key issue is that some wording was changed from whichever is less to whichever is more.

Pawn shop update – the city was sued by a pawn shop, the owners from Plaza West one, who lost the suit. The city attorney’s expect them to appeal.

Help our Renaissance Park neighbors by signing their online petition for Tryon Road:

Service Raleigh – We talked about having about 150 students from NC State volunteering for Service Raleigh next weekend and if there were any projects in neighborhoods that could use help.

Census – Don’t forget to complete your census.


  • Jason Hibbets – Lineberry Alliance
  • Joe Boisuert – University Park
  • Mary Belle Pate – Fairway Acres
  • Anthony McLeod – Renaissance Park
  • Lana Dial – Lake Johnson Harbour
  • Bill Jones – Lake Johnson Harbour
  • Louise Griffin – University Park
  • Connie Crumpler – Caraleigh
  • Jeannine Grissom – Glenwood-Brooklyn
  • Thomas Crowder

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