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DDNA Talks About Promoting SouthWest Raleigh

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

At this month’s District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) meeting, held on Saturday, June, 19, 2010, we had Kristen Rosselli, Director of Community Services take us through a branding report on what other cities and organizations are doing to promote geographical regions within their boundaries. We had almost 20 folks from across the district participate in today’s meeting. Read the rest of the notes for more details and see the attached presentation. (more…)

Speak Up For Transit on June 28

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I’m not sure if there will be an opportunity to lobby for Tryon Road improvements at this meeting, so if anyone knows, please add a comment below.


Triangle residents will have an opportunity to let their thoughts be heard regarding future transit improvements at upcoming community meetings being offered by the Triangle Regional Transit Program.

The Raleigh meeting will be June 28 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in room 304 of the Raleigh Convention Center.

The meetings follow work by the Special Transit Advisory Commission in 2008 and adoption of the Long Range Transportation Plan by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO in 2009. Program team members will be available at the meetings to answer questions and share information.

The meetings are part of the federally prescribed alternatives analysis that follows the requirements and procedures of the Federal Transit Administration to support the case for Federal funding of major capital investments.

The alternatives analysis begins with a survey of existing transportation related conditions, identifies and confirms transportation needs and defines the goals and objectives against which project alternatives will be evaluated.

Public input at the meetings will be essential to the success of the program. Follow-up meetings will be held in September and February 2011. Additional, individual meetings, events, a Web site, newsletters, Facebook and Twitter feeds will be used to keep residents informed about the project’s status and provide an opportunity to raise issues or ask questions prior to the study’s completion in the spring of 2011.

The Capital Area MPO and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro MPO are expected to approve and select projects following the evaluation of the alternatives and the completion of the alternative analysis.

In addition to the Raleigh meeting, area meeting will be head as follows: Durham, June 30, Durham County Library auditorium, 300 N. Roxboro St.; Cary, July 6, Cary Town Hall atrium, 316 Academy St.; Chapel Hill, July 7, Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.; Knightdale, July 14, Knightdale Town Hall, 950 Steeple Square Ct.; and Apex, July 15, Halle Center for the Cultural Arts, 237 N. Salem St. All meeting times are from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The meeting sites are accessible to persons with disabilities. Accommodations for people with disabilities can be arranged by calling 919-485-7468 at least one week prior to each meeting. Translation services and a court reporter will be available at each meeting.

RPD Releases Report Concerning Response to Gang Activity

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Information provided by Raleigh Police Department (RPD)

On June 14, Major R.W. Grayson of the RPD announced the release of “The Raleigh Police Department’s Response to Gang Activity: 2009 Public Report,” which describes the RPD’s broad and proactive approach toward gang prevention, intervention, and suppression. Highlights of the report include:

  • A general overview of gangs in Raleigh, including demographics and criminal activity
  • A description of the RPD units involved in the department’s response to gang-related crime
  • A listing of the RPD’s programs and partnerships related to gang prevention, intervention, and suppression
  • A forecast of what can be expected in the arena of gang activity on the local and national level


Trailwood Hills Pool to get Barbed Wire

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Beginning around May 15th (2 weeks before the pool opened), we [Trailwood Hills] started experiencing problems with people (kids and adults) jumping the fence to get into the pool. There has been a considerable amount of damage done to the pool and the pool equipment, furniture, bathrooms, etc. since that time, including glass in the pool that caused us to have to drain, clean, and refill the pool.

The pool fence itself is being systematically destroyed by fence-jumpers. As you can see from the flier [PDF], we have some good video footage of the persons responsible for the damage the weekend of May 15th, but there have been several more instances since then and it does not seem to be slowing down. (more…)

SWCAC Recap June 2010

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

There were about 20 folks who attended the monthly South West Citizens Advisory Council (SWCAC) meeting on June 14, 2010. We had a variety of topics and speakers attend the meeting to provide updates. Before we adjourned, we decided that we would trade our July meeting for a community meal. We will grill some hamburgers and hot dogs at the pavilion at Carolina Pines and ask that folks attending bring a side dish. More information to come in the July newsletter.

Officer Upchurch provided updates from the Raleigh Police Department (RPD). Top items included 63 animals calls and several residential break-ins. Officer Upchurch reminded us to lock the doors and windows to your home. (more…)

Green Cleaning, Plumbing Training offered by Raleigh

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Raleigh is going green. And it’s not just the Oak tress and parks around the city. Earlier this year, the city announced green certification programs. Programs are beginning this month. Find out more below including information about a Green Building Training and Green Plumbing programs with links to more details.

The Green Building Training program will empower small businesses with the tools and skills to market themselves in the emerging green economy.  The Green Building Training program will also ensure that Raleigh has a skilled workforce trained in cutting edge technologies, enabling the city and its residents to build greener and healthier. (more…)

Transition Workshops: Help Define the New Code

Friday, June 11th, 2010

On the week of June 21, 2010, you’ll have a chance to participate in several workshops regarding Raleigh’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) on the topic of transitions. The was a big issue during the 2030 Comprehensive Plan update, Raleigh code currently does a poor job of defining how to transition from intense / dense types of development to areas like residential neighborhoods where single families home dominate the landscape.

Consider this: if we start to attract some of the neighborhood mixed use development to the edges of the Lineberry neighbrohoods and they would be 3-5 stories in height, what are the rules, regulations, and code that would dictate how those developments transition to structures like single family dwellings? The answer is two-fold: (more…)

The Pillars of Lake Wheeler Road

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I came across this really neat post on Goodnight, Raleigh! by John Morris called: The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road.

The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road | courtesy

The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road | courtesy

In the article, they include some awesome pictures of the statues / art work at the J&C Garden World, on Lake Wheeler Road. You’ve certainly seen them, but have you explored past your car window? (more…)

Truck Stop Lineberry: Big Rigs Causing Big Problems

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

At first it was occasional. Then there were two trucks taking up the road. Now it’s becoming a regular truck stop in the middle of our neighborhood, right here at Truck Stop Lineberry.

Wal-mart trailer on Lineberry Drive

Wal-mart trailer on Lineberry Drive

A few weeks ago, myself and a few other neighbors starting noticing 18-wheelers parking on Lineberry Drive, just south of Broad Oaks and North of Trailwood Hills, between Joanne Drive and Alder Ridge Lane. No biggie, right? Someone in the neighborhood is a truck driver.  My wife’s uncle drives the big rigs. I can respect that. (more…)

Mary-Ann Baldwin talks Lightner, Innovation, and Gangs

Monday, June 7th, 2010
Mary-Ann Baldwin

Mary-Ann Baldwin

I got a chance to catch up with one of Raleigh’s At-large City Councilors, Mary-Ann Baldwin, for a five question email interview. If Mary-Ann can survive the Fire Department Operations 101 class, an orientation to the daily grind, risks, and rewards that Raleigh firefighters deal with daily, held on June 5, 2010, then certainly she can survive our questions. I’ve watched Mary-Ann on Raleigh City Council for the past few years and have become more and more impressed. She brings a much needed marketing and communications background and understands business principles such as communication, customer service, and team work. If you follow her on Twitter (she’s @maryannbaldwin by the way) then you know she’s interested in business innovation. See what Mary-Ann has to say about moving the Lightner Center forward, the gang situation in Raleigh (and how you might be wrong about it), how government can foster innovation, and much more in our interview with her.

1) City Council budget hearings are coming up this summer.  How is city council going to deal with the budget shortfall and what sacrifices will the City and citizens have to make?

Like many private citizens who are cutting back and living on tighter budgets, the City must do the same. This means that Capital Improvement Projects are going to be (more…)