Truck Stop Lineberry: Big Rigs Causing Big Problems

At first it was occasional. Then there were two trucks taking up the road. Now it’s becoming a regular truck stop in the middle of our neighborhood, right here at Truck Stop Lineberry.

Wal-mart trailer on Lineberry Drive

Wal-mart trailer on Lineberry Drive

A few weeks ago, myself and a few other neighbors starting noticing 18-wheelers parking on Lineberry Drive, just south of Broad Oaks and North of Trailwood Hills, between Joanne Drive and Alder Ridge Lane. No biggie, right? Someone in the neighborhood is a truck driver.  My wife’s uncle drives the big rigs. I can respect that.

Then I started thinking about some of the safety issues with this and I started wondering if parking an 18-wheeler and leaving a trailer, sometimes two trailers, parked in our neighborhood overnight was safe. The issue is rolling over to daytime hours as well. As you come up Lineberry Drive heading towards Lake Wheeler, the trailers would be right around the corner. Causing blind spots. Making people swerve over to avoid getting too close. Then I started thinking, is the weight of these vehicles going to damage the road and we won’t see that damage until next winter? The oil spots are already accumulating.

I started to investigate if it was even legal to park an 18-wheeler on a neighborhood street. Even more specifically, a collector street like Lineberry Drive. I talked with folks in Raleigh’s transportation office and confirmed late last week with our community police officer, Officer Upchurch, on the legality of this issue.

What I learned was that it’s not legal to park an 18-wheeler on a residential street. The only times they are allowed is if they are 1) making a delivery (moving, appliances, yardscape, etc.) or 2) broken down. I don’t have the specific ordinance that dictates this and there may be more reasons, but that’s all I needed to know. Not to mention the quality of life issues around how much noise they make and the odd hours that this is occurring, is fueling the situation.

My next question was about the best way to report this. It was recommended to use the non-emergency line. I gave it a try: (919) 831.6311. So did a few other neighbors. After little success over the weekend and some rising frustration of not seeing any action, results, or call backs, we’re changing our approach.

We’re now calling dispatch directly at 9-1-1. Although it’s a low priority call, we need action. If you are affected by this type of issue, you can report this yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable calling 9-1-1, us the non emergency line. Get the description of the 18-wheeler, trailer, tag numbers, and time of day and help us report this. If you’re thinking to yourself, I don’t want to get some dude in trouble for just parking his work vehicle, I’ll admit, I felt the same way at first. Officer Upchurch was very convincing that this needs to be reported and resolved as soon as possible.

It just so happens that the picture I took on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 around 9:00 am happened to have a Walmart trailer in it. And let me tell you. That trailer seems to be always be parked there. Always.

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3 Responses to “Truck Stop Lineberry: Big Rigs Causing Big Problems”

  1. avatar Jody says:

    Hey Jason, Thank you for all the hard work you do for our neighborhood. After the officer came last night and checked out the truck I heard a commotion in the street. I realized it must have been the driver of the truck involved. He was cursing loudly. I started to call the police again as I did not appreciate the words he was throwing especially with kids in the neighborhood but he soon quieted down. In less than 30 minutes the rig was gone and I don’t see any sign of it today. I know the police have their plates full but something like this does take perseverance. Just because its called in by one person doesnt’ mean its put in the system and remains there until its resolved. At least this wasn’t the case with this incident.

  2. avatar Gina from Glenwood says:

    Jody, good for you to call and don’t hesitate to call again if you encounter verbal reticence from the drivers of these illegally parked commercial vehicles.

    We had this issue in the last city we lived in, in CA… some things are the same no matter where in the nation, it seems. Keeping the city aware of your concerns is key, something that is ongoing.

    Thank you Jason for your work… You’re an example for those of us who care about the people and community around us.

  3. avatar Ariel Whitman says:

    Thanks for addressing this. There are no parking signs all up and down Lineberry, it does pose a visibility issue. And for people in the area who are trying to sell their home, I can’t imagine the sight of that is a selling point. As houses stay on the market, the owners get anxious and lower the price. Kiss your home value goodbye. It’s the little things that help the quality of life here…like not having Wal-mart trailers parked at your neighborhood entrance. Thanks again!