The Pillars of Lake Wheeler Road

I came across this really neat post on Goodnight, Raleigh! by John Morris called: The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road.

The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road | courtesy

The Guardians of Lake Wheeler Road | courtesy

In the article, they include some awesome pictures of the statues / art work at the J&C Garden World, on Lake Wheeler Road. You’ve certainly seen them, but have you explored past your car window?

“J&C Garden World is one of those places you may have passed several times and wondered what lies inside. Curiosity got the better of me this past weekend, so I stopped by to see the menagerie of exotic animals, pop culture icons, religious figures, and that of ancient history.”

Go check out the article for more pictures and light history, then take a visit to J&C Garden World–a hidden gem on Lake Wheeler Road, just down the street from our neighborhoods.

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2 Responses to “The Pillars of Lake Wheeler Road”

  1. Stopped there and picked up a bird bath. The staff was very helpful and they really have a little bit of everything – even Yoda.

  2. avatar Chad Smith says:

    Good find Jason. Always been curious about this place. Might have to make a visit soon.