The New Design for Carolina Pines Community Center

Carolina Pines Community Center Proposed Renovation Design

Carolina Pines design plans

Carolina Pines design plans

About 15 citizens met on August 10, 2010 at Carolina Pines Community Center to see the unveiling of the proposed renovations and additions to the community center facilities to start construction in early 2011. Lynn Sullivan, Project Manager from Raleigh Parks & Rec, introduced the project team from New City Design and provided a brief overview of the project and budget.

The project scope and priorities include adding additional meeting space, replacing the HVAC system, improving site and building access, providing storage and expansion space, improving energy efficiency, adding ADA parking, and other smaller renovations. Tonight, the project team was focused on presenting the schematic design phase for the direction of the project.

New City Design went with a scheme based on Option E, with modifications. It provides costs efficiency, meets many of the priorities, and adds a drop-off driveway. We reviewed the new schematic plan which adds a new large club room on the east side of the building, swaps the men’s and women’s bathrooms to meet standards and make improvements to each room, adds storage and mechanical space, and adds a new recycling alcove, power assisted entry doors, and thermal comfort control.

Next steps included completing the design, preparing constructions documents, moving to the construction phase, and having the grand opening. The goal is to be in construction next June and open the following June 2012.

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