Athens Drive High School Needs Your Help

The following post was submitted by the Jaguar Club, the Athens Drive athletic boosters.

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The stadium facilities at Athens Drive High School have not been upgraded or improved since the school opened over 30 years ago.  The parking lot remains unpaved–the restroom and concession areas are small and outdated.  Handicap access to the stadium is in dire need of improvement.  Pedestrian access, seating, press box and lighting likewise need improvement.  The most serious need at the stadium is team dressing, restroom, and medical facilities.  Due to the distance of approximately one-half mile from the main school building to the stadium, Athens’ teams have take buses to the stadium and use buses for shelter during inclement weather.  There are no dressing rooms or restrooms for the athletes at the stadium.

Nine high schools with impressive stadiums have been built by Wake County since Athens Drive opened.  The athletic facilities at nearly all the other County’s high schools are either recently constructed or they have been upgraded.  Athens Drive High School has had no significant improvements to the stadium area in over 30 years.

The Athens Drive athletic boosters, the Jaguar Club, have funded a facility assessment to show the lack of facilities at Athens Drive and compare Athens Drive to the other Wake County high schools.  A master plan for improvements was included in the report.  The report has been presented to the Wake County Public School Board and to the City of Raleigh, who is the landowner.  Meetings have been held with officials with the school system and the city to present the case for the needed improvements.

The Jaguar Club has started a petition to show support for the needed improvements.  All persons who have an interest in Athens Drive High School are encouraged to sign the petition.  Parents, friends, and alumni should take part in helping to rectifying the poor facilities at Williams Stadium.  The petition will be presented to the Wake County Board of Education, the Wake County Commissioners, and to the Raleigh City Council in the future.

What you can do

Read the petition below and contact members of the Jaguar Club at or Alan Keith at to add your name in support of this effort. Also, you can swing by the Athens Drive Library to sign the petition.

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The Petition

We Support Proposed Improvements to the Athens Drive High School Stadium Area

Williams Stadium has served Athens Drive High School for 30 years.  The stadium, associated facilities and infrastructure have not been significantly improved since the school opened.  By our signature below, we support making improvements including: a team meeting, medical, and restroom building, paved parking, lighting improvements, access improvements, pedestrian improvements, new spectator stands, new concessions building, new restrooms, renovation of  existing restroom/concessions building, field improvements, and new press box.

Construction and renovation is needed due to the unique location of Williams Stadium, to bring the stadium area in line with the other high school facilities in Wake County and to meet current local, State, and Federal codes.

As a registered voter in Wake County, we support the improvements needed for the Athens Drive High School stadium area to protect the county’s investment and best serve the needs of our community.

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3 Responses to “Athens Drive High School Needs Your Help”

  1. avatar Yevonne Brannon says:

    Where is the plan you are asking folks to vote on? This is in my opinion not appropriate — if I am voting I need to see all of the details. You have stated it will not have any impact (or little impact) on Lake Johnson– I disagree. You may be misleading our neghbors if you don’t at least give them all of the data before they sign a petition. While the upgrades you mention seem very worthy, impacting the lake with stormwater runoff is not a good outcome…parking the parking lot IMO is not needed. The stadium is entirely within the property designated as Lake Johnson…any work within the area surrounding the lake will have impact.

    Yevonne Brannon

  2. Yevonne, this post is specifically about signing the petition to support the improvements. To show that their is support beyond the athletic boosters. You would have to contact the Jaguar Club for specific details about the plan. I’m not following you about a voting part. I would imagine that this would be a Wake County Board of Education, Wake County Commissioners, and Raleigh City Council decision somewhere down the line.

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