Trailwood Realty Offers Property Management and Rental Services

Raleigh, NC–Trailwood Realty, LLC is excited to offer a new pricing structure. I am now offering my services for 6% of the monthly rental rate with a one half month fee for finding a renter, including a listing in the MLS.

This is a start-up property management company, and I want to earn your business! I am the owner, Dawn Brenengen, and I am excited to be starting this new venture. I have been in real estate for many years, and I have been managing my own rental properties in Raleigh for six years. It turns out I’m pretty good at it, and so I want to extend this service to others and build a GREAT business.

My services include:

  • Establishing market value for monthly rent
  • Making sure you home is properly registered with the City of Raleigh and ensuring compliance with the PROP program (if applicable)
  • Listing the home on Craigslist with multiple pictures and refreshing that listing once a week or more
  • Taking pictures of your home with a professional digital SLR camera
  • Blogging about your home on Active Rain, which is a high Google ranking real estate website.
  • Listing your home on my website
  • Listing your home in MLS
  • Lockbox on the home and a sign in the yard
  • Showing your home to prospective tenants
  • Performing a criminal background check, credit check and rental history check on prospective tenants
  • Negotiating lease terms and completing appropriate contracts
  • Holding on to security deposits in my trust account
  • Performing initial move-in walk-thrus with tenants
  • Performing maintenance (for a fee) or hiring out the maintenance on your home and being available for contractors to get into the home; I have a great group of service people I have used on my own homes
  • Receiving rents and distributing them to you after taking out our monthly fee
  • Being the contact person for your renters and responding to concerns
  • Accounting provided for your tax returns
  • Performing evictions if necessary

I am dedicated to providing you with great customer service. My first client had the following to say about me :

“Dawn Brenengen works to get the best results for her clients. She pushes for excellence from the start of a project to the end, thinking outside of the box to make even the most difficult situations smooth. When needed, she organized efficient, inexpensive methods of attacking an otherwise undoable issue. Her ability to find a solution to almost any problem was extremely valuable to us, and on top of everything else she is also a really nice person to work with!” -L. Wilson

Please call or email me at the Craigslist address for more information.

Dawn Brenengen
Broker in Charge/Owner of Trailwood Realty, LLC
Firm License # C22512

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One Response to “Trailwood Realty Offers Property Management and Rental Services”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Jason! If anyone needs more info, check the website at

    I’m particularly interested if any of my fellow neighbors know of any properties where it seems like the owner really needs someone to get their renters under control. If anyone know of an address, email me privately. Thanks!