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Missing Trailwood Springs Sign? Again?

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

As many of you have seen from driving by, the first Trailwood Springs sign, at the intersection of Lineberry Drive and Paul’s Penny Lane, has been damaged. Again!  Just a little before 2:00 am on March 11th, a driver from the University Village (formerly Melrose Club apartments) parking lot collided with four vehicles in their attempt to pull out of the parking lot.

Missing Sign


Lineberry Alliance Tips for Students Fall 2009 Edition

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Students, welcome to the neighborhood! We hope you have a successful Fall 2009 Semester. Move-in weekend was busy around N.C. State’s campus and we know that you’re probably busy getting things in order for classes. We wanted to take a few minutes to provide you with some essential information that could make your living experience in our neighborhoods safe, enjoyable, and friendly.

We’d like to first start off by providing some tips that will help you get going in our neighborhoods:

  • Get to know your neighbors. You should know your immediate neighbors. Go introduce yourselves, exchange numbers, emails, etc. They don’t have to be your new best friends, but when you think about crime prevention, your neighbor is a good ally.
  • Our trash, recycling, and yard waste collection day in SouthWest Raleigh is every Thursday (unless there is a holiday). The city also provides other services like bulky load pick-up or special load pick-up if you can’t get everything into your city-issued bin. The city requires that trash bins be brought in by Friday at 7:00 PM, we don’t want our neighborhoods to have trash bins out all week long. Get all the info you need from how to get a recycling bin to what items are recycled at the cities page for: Garbage, Recycling and Yardwaste.
  • Party up? Volume down. Our area has traditionally been known to have a party or two. Residents have been actively calling 9-1-1 on party-goers that are too loud or violate the noise ordinance that starts at 11:00 PM. As we previously wrote, Parties Could Get Pricey, tickets are being issued with zero tolerance and will count as a strike in the PROP (see below) when a citation is issued. A conviction is no longer needed, only a citation now.
    • Be a good neighbor and keep the noise down. Make sure your guests know this is a family neighborhood. It will make things a lot easier on everyone that lives here. We’re sure that you also appreciate a nice, quiet environment to study in.
  • Park only in designated parking spots. Some neighborhoods have restricted parking like NO PARKING zones. We recommend that you do not park in no parking zones as you will get ticketed and it will cost you $30. Also, for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, don’t park on sidewalks, block driveways, or park in areas that obstruct views. Those are cities rules, not ours.
  • Drive with respect. Because this is our, and now your neighborhood, we ask that you watch your speed. There are a lot of kids and active people in our area. Most streets in our area like Lineberry Drive, Sierra Drive, and Trailwood Hills drive are 35 MPH. Some are 25 MPH. People seem to think that Trailwood Drive is a speedway to Avent Ferry, when in fact it’s 35-40 MPH. You can go slower if you want, there’s no rush, classes will still be there. Raleigh Police Department (RPD) has been known to hand out speeding tickets like hotcakes. You’ve been warned ;)
  • Maintain your yard. Keeping your grass cut and your yard tidy is important not only for public health and welfare, but for crime prevention and neighborhood curb appeal. We’re not asking you to make the next JC Raulston Arboretum, but a well-maintained yard helps make our neighborhood look welcoming to guests and new neighbors. There are also numerous businesses in our neighborhood that specialize in landscape services.
  • Fireworks are illegal and often mistaken for gunshots. No one likes to think there are gunshots in our vicinity and with the hot, dry days, it also becomes a fire hazard. We do not want a neighbor to lose their home or have property damaged because of fireworks.

A lot of people live in this area because they love the location. We are convenient to NCSU, downtown, I-40, and have great shopping close-by. We also enjoy a great quality of life and a broad diversity of neighbors.

All of our neighborhoods have sidewalks on major streets which are great for exercising. We recently got new crosswalks along Lineberry Drive after requesting them back in January 2009. If you travel along Trailwood Drive, you’ve probably noticed our new traffic signal, it’s nice to have those improvements at that intersection.

The City of Raleigh made some updates recently to some ordinances that effect our neighborhoods:

  • For those of you renting, you need to be aware of the Probationary Rental Occupancy Permit Ordinance (PROP). The PROP now requires your landlords to be registered with the city and is focused on addressing the problem rental properties in established neighborhoods. Properties could start acquiring “strikes” in the PROP program for nuisance violations such as grass that is too tall, parties that are too loud, trash in the yard, and other public health, welfare, and quality of life issues. You can find out more on the cities website:
  • All residents using Raleigh’s water are under year-round water restrictions. Find out more: City Of Raleigh Water Restrictions
  • If you have a dog, you may want to read up on the new tethering rules: Prepare For Dog Tethering Ordinance

How to get involved

Thanks to Sheryl (Trailwood Hills), Danielle (Whitehurst Townhomes), Merri Beth (Pleasant Ridge & Ramsgate), and Chad (Trailwood Springs) for contributing to this post.

Traffic Signal Coming to Lineberry and Trailwood

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

The intersection at Trailwood Drive and Lineberry Drive has been continuously evolving over the past few weeks for the installation of a new traffic signal that should improve safety measures at the increasingly heavy-traveled entrance to our neighborhoods.   NCDOT officials indicate the traffic signal installation should be complete by the end of May 2009.  Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the tentative restriping of the intersection, which will include a signalized 4-way crosswalk.  Just this week, utility poles were installed by NCDOT contractors.

If you travel through this intersection in the mornings, then you’ve probably noticed some increased traffic.  My best guess is that this is mostly associated with the start time of NC State classes.  But, additional travelers are also using Trailwood Drive as a cut-through to Tryon & Avent Ferry and to  Centennial Campus Middle school.  Traffic coming from Lineberry Drive making a right onto Trailwood Drive has been known to back-up to well-past the second entrance of University Village (formerly Melrose Apartments). In the same breath, residents of University Woods making a left from their complex onto Trailwood Drive have difficulty getting out as well.

About a year ago, when this project was under study by NCDOT for the Spot Safety Funding, the original recommendation to install a flashing signal was replaced with a traffic signal.  The traffic signal was recommended based on the increase in the “angle type crashes” reported at the intersection.

So hopefully, by the end of May 2009, our community will have a signalized intersection at Trailwood Drive and Lineberry Drive, complete with a 4-way, pedestrian-head crosswalk.  The crosswalk should assist residents from University Woods and other neighborhoods that cross Trailwood Drive to catch the bus, exercise, or do other pedestrian-friendly activities.  The traffic signal should improve safety conditions for all motorists and pedestrians.

No Parking Zones Making Money

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Neighbors have been battling with some parking issues over the last few weekends along Lineberry Drive, particularly near the intersection at Trailwood Drive. Residents believe the cars parking in the No Parking Zones are overflow from University Village and University Woods. The violators are getting citations from Raleigh Police Department to the tune of $25.00 a pop!

Here is a clear example of a car parked in the No Parking Zone on Lineberry Drive. (The vehicle is also parked in the wrong direction on a double-yellow line – you are supposed to park in the same direction of traffic flow.)

Car Parking in No Parking Zone

The Lineberry Alliance plans on contacting the management of University Village (owned by The Preiss Company) to see what idea’s they have to resolve these parking problems.  Options on the table are converting the No Parking area to a Tow-Away Zone, increased enforcement, modification to the parking policy on the property or some other creative idea.  Pending the outcome of this meeting, a request for City Council to take action may be in order.  Obviously, the current enforcement is not having an impact on motorists.  Even though, tickets are being handed out.  See for yourself:

Cars issued citations

Until the parking problems go away completely, residents in surrounding neighborhoods continue to call 911 to report no parking violations.  (Yes, even though this is not an “emergency” this is how Raleigh Police get calls into their dispatch system.)

Hey – I live in University Village or University Woods, why can’t I park on Lineberry?  The obvious answer is that this is a No Parking Zone.  The other major reason is that this is a huge safety concern.  Yes, believe it or not, the people that live in the neighborhoods along Lineberry Drive actually care about the safety for everyone in this area.

It’s All About Safety – When cars park in the no parking zones on Lineberry Drive, it creates unsafe conditions for all motorists.  Lineberry Drive is very curvy, cars parked in the street can cause motorists to swerve.  Also, cars parked near intersections create blind spots.  Cars parking in the bus zone and near fire hydrants, no comment.