District D Neighborhood Alliance

What is District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA)?

District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA) is a group of neighborhood leaders (including Citizen Advisory Council chairs) that are passionate about their neighborhoods. These leaders promote Neighborhood Empowerment by educating and empowering individual neighborhoods in order to maintain a high quality of life and have a voice in matters impacting the community that affect South West Raleigh’s future. The group meets monthly to discuss matters, formulate solutions to issues, and help each neighborhood become successful.

How to get involved

DDNA meets on the third Saturday of each month from 8:00-10:00 AM. Our normal meeting location is the community room at Whole Foods on Wade Avenue. If meetings aren’t your fancy, we also have a DDNA email list (or list-serve) that you can join. (Before your subscription is approved, we will ask you to submit your mailing address to prevent spammers from joining the list.) All of the notes from our meetings (up to December 2010) are posted on the Lineberry Alliance blogs under the DDNA category.

District D Neighborhoods

Friends of the District D Neighborhood Alliance

We are always looking to add more neighborhoods and friends of DDNA to our group. Contact Jason Hibbets to find out how to get involved.

Keys to Success

  • Consistency – Be consistent with meeting date and time
  • Transparency – Be transparent in personal agenda’s, share meeting notes, share ideas
  • Respect – Be respectful of others opinions, agree that people can disagree
  • Well-Rounded – Provide an unbiased view of issues and potential solutions
  • Non-Political – Leave the politics out and drive toward neighborhood solutions and initiatives


In January 2006, District D Councilor Thomas Crowder, began hosting District D Neighborhood Alliance meetings for neighborhood leaders and other interested citizens. The idea was at the request of several Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) chairs that had attended similar meetings in the past. For example, The Honorable Deborah Ross, NC Legislature 38th District, had been hosting similar meetings to keep citizens informed of Legislative matters.

Over the past several years, the District D Neighborhood Alliance has been meeting once a month, on the 3rd Saturday of each month. We have an email list-serve with over 130 members and a contact list of all neighborhoods in the District.

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