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Urban Design Lunch Forums (Fall 2010)

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

This post provided by Raleigh Department of City Planning.


Outreach and Education Fall 2010

Take a mid-day break and stop in at the Raleigh Urban Design Center to learn about and discuss issues that affect our city today and as we plan for the future.

Architecture and Urban Design

Urban design theory deals primarily with the design and management of the public realm and the way public places are experienced and used by people. Architecture is a key component of that experience. This Raleigh Urban Design Center Forum will highlight architecture and how it contributes to quality urban design, the public realm, and a sustainable Raleigh. (more…)

City Planning Hosting Another Workshop on Transitions

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

One of the big topics that came up during the review of Raleigh’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan was transitions–how one land use transitions to another type. An initial workshop was held in June, but this is an important topic. So big, it’s worthy of another session. See the information below on the next workshop and why you should participate.

Help define how Raleigh transitions land uses

Help define how Raleigh transitions land uses

Raleigh’s New Development Code

The City of Raleigh is in the process of updating its development regulations.  The City Council has authorized a second community workshop on the topic of TRANSITIONS, to be held on September 1, from 6-8 pm at the Urban Design Center, located at (more…)

Text Change TC-3-10 Approved, Pedestrian Access

Monday, August 9th, 2010

The following information provided by the City of Raleigh

Text change TC-3-10 has been approved.  TC-3-10 rewrites City Code Section 10-2091, Pedestrian Access.  The regulations update the City’s Zoning Code to comply with the recently adopted NC State Building Code legislation on ADA accessibility; and incorporates several recommended policies found in the Land Use, Environmental and Transportation Elements of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

These new regulations are effective for all new site plans submitted on or after (more…)

Transition Workshops: Help Define the New Code

Friday, June 11th, 2010

On the week of June 21, 2010, you’ll have a chance to participate in several workshops regarding Raleigh’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) on the topic of transitions. The was a big issue during the 2030 Comprehensive Plan update, Raleigh code currently does a poor job of defining how to transition from intense / dense types of development to areas like residential neighborhoods where single families home dominate the landscape.

Consider this: if we start to attract some of the neighborhood mixed use development to the edges of the Lineberry neighbrohoods and they would be 3-5 stories in height, what are the rules, regulations, and code that would dictate how those developments transition to structures like single family dwellings? The answer is two-fold: (more…)

Have you ever made a law?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Last week, Raleigh City Council decided to move forward with the drafting of the new development code that is an action item from the adoption of 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) provides the opportunity to rehash and rethink the current approach to development and will remove existing barriers to infill development, allowing the city to curb urban sprawl and build for a more transit-friendly city.

There are lots of opportunities for citizens to participate in the new development code process, but not many are taking advantage of it. One barrier is the complexity of the issues. Another is the fact that making law and code just isn’t sexy to most people. Since the new development code will become law, you have a chance to have a say in it. Essentially, you have a chance to make a law for the city of Raleigh. Look for announcements about future workshops, public hearings, and charrettes that you can participate in.

A citizen panel is trying to help bridge the gap between complex planning code and draw attention to big issues, (more…)

Dig-In Review, Community Gardens Not Allowed

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

The Dig-In workshop conducted by the Advocates for Health in Action was a lot of fun and informative. The opening session was given by Advocates for Health in Action, explaining why they wanted to inform Raleigh on community gardens. During the presentation, one of the most interesting items was one that I have seen before in other presentations about health. It shows the percentage of obese adults in the United States from the 1980s until now.

North Carolina and the Southern states remain among the highest in obesity rates in the country, but the others are not far behind us. Though the reasons for this vary, lack of activity and a change in diet to include more convenience foods are a few of the suspects that community gardens can aid in changing. Access to fresh vegetables that are inexpensive can help all of us eat more green! And as a bonus, gardening is exercise. A group I volunteer with is sponsoring a NC Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights, and we hope to see kids all over North Carolina outside gardening with their parents. I think our Lineberry Alliance community garden is worth pursuing. So, why don’t we get started? (more…)

Changes Coming to SWCAC

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

The agenda for the SouthWest Citizens Advisory Council (SWCAC) was posted today (PDF). Current Chair, Mary Belle Pate, announced at last months’ meeting, that after 30 years at the helm, it was time to pass on the reigns. She appointed Mildred Flynn of the Caraleigh community to form a nominating committee to seek out a new Chair and Vice-chair. (more…)

UDO Public Meetings March 15 & 16, 2010

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Participate in the Citywide Learning and Review Sessions on

Raleigh’s New Development Code Diagnostic & Approach Report

Same meetings, different locations for your convenience.

DDNA Meeting Notes January 2010

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Over 30 citizens from around District D joined on January 16, 2010 for the first meeting in 2010 of the District D Neighborhood Alliance (DDNA). On the agenda, the UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) with special guests Mitchell Silver and Christine Darges.

Handout: FAQs

5 Questions with Mitchell Silver and Ken Bowers for Raleigh planning in 2010

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

With the new year starting, I thought it was a good time to find out what’s going on at Raleigh’s Department of City Planning for 2010. Lots of folks spent countless hours on the 2030 Comprehensive Plan last year and Raleigh’s New Development Code is ramping up. I sent Mitchell Silver, Director, Department of City Planning & Urban Design Center and Ken Bowers, Deputy Director, Department of City Planning the following questions to see what’s on tap for 2010.

1) Why is Raleigh’s New Development Code so important?

Planning and development regulations should be regularly reviewed and updated due to such things as new development trends and new environmental legislation. Although the City’s Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations have been (more…)