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SouthWest Citizens Advisory Council

The South West Citizen Advisory Council (SWCAC) is a volunteer run community organization, one of 18 CACs throughout the City of Raleigh. The Raleigh CACs are the only advisory bodies of the City Council whose members are not appointed by the City Council. Your membership is strictly voluntary and based on where you live in the city limits. The CACs provide the means for citizens to be involved in the planning for the future of their community and its CAC gives the City another method to communicate with the community.

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SWCAC Contact Information

SWCAC Newsletter

To subscribe to the monthly newsletter, send an email to the Raleigh Community Services Department providing your name and mailing address.

In addition to items of interest to our neighborhoods and district, the newsletter lists the zoning cases being discussed or presented at the CAC meetings. The newsletter contains a listing of zoning presentations, rezoning case number, maps of the rezoning locations, the petitioner's and zoning contact names, addresses, and phone numbers.

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SWCAC Boundaries

The SWCAC boundaries are approximately:

About CACs

The chairpersons and other officers are elected from among the members of each CAC. In addition to facilitating zoning, the CACs request presentations and hold Q&A sessions for each rezoning case. The CACs may have other information of interest to the neighborhoods, including news from the Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council (leaders from all the CACs). A police officer assigned as your CAC's liaison attends the meeting. It's your chance to ask questions and learn of police activities and concerns in your CAC district.

The CACs also participate in selecting award candidates for the City of Raleigh's annual Neighborhood Appearance Award for new or renovated private and business properties that have contributed to and enhanced the enjoyment of the neighborhood.