Dog saves woman’s life as truck speeding 70mph on pavement almost hits her

We have so much to thank dogs for – they bring us happiness, make us healthier and on the odd occasion, even save our lives.

One pooch has been praised for helping her owner dodge death, after a wild truck driver nearly hit them both.

Kimberley Bridges, 35, was on a peaceful afternoon walk with her boxer cross Orla – then the dog suddenly runs away and encourages her to follow.

Moments later, a large black vehicle comes speeding towards them on the pavement at 70pmh.

The shocking moment was captured on camera and shows a Toyota Hilux hurtling off the road, skimming Kimberley’s back.

If the duo didn’t get a head start, they would have both been ran over with an immense force.

Kimberley, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, said: “The truck hit an island then clipped another car.

“I was frozen in terror and felt the wing mirror brush my bum.

“Orla just pegged it and took me with her. She saved my life.”

The telecoms worker added: “Half an hour later and the pavement would have been packed with schoolkids.”

The black truck was later discovered dumped in nearby Pontefract.

Another dog has been captured on camera saving a little boy’s life, when he almost fell into a pond trying to retrieve his lost toy.

The clever pup immediately sensed danger and took full control of the moment, forcing the child backwards and using the fishing rod himself.

The shocked child resists help but eventually gives in to watch the dog’s next move.

After a few seconds, the Alsatian successfully scoops the lost item out of the water and onto the floor, then picks it up and takes it to the young boy.

Feeling amazed, the little child pats his dog on the head and looks chuffed to have his toy back.