Woman explains clever hack that instantly knocked 50% off her electricity bill

A woman is urging the public to challenge their energy bill after she reduced hers by half.

As many families are struggling with the huge increases, the Irish Mirror reports how Wendy managed to instantly knock 50% off her electricity bill through disputing it with the provider.

Wendy, who lives alone in a flat in the UK, felt she had been overcharged when she received an electricity bill for €226 (£190).

On closer examination, and with the help of a friend who knew worked for another provider, she realised that the cost had been miscalculated from her meter readings.

Wendy was being charged entirely on the more expensive day rate rather than both day and the cheaper night rate electricity.

By disputing the bill with her provider, she was able to reduce her monthly payments down to €112 (£94).

Wendy took to Twitter to share her experience with others.

She wrote: “Please dispute [your] electricity bills. I’ve disputed all of mine!!

“Called multiple times and then my bill magically reduces to 40-50%. These people are robbing us blind so get your money back. If your bill don’t make sense fight it.”

Wendy continued: “All this time they were charging me the same rate for a day when I provide both day and night readings. The rate differs when you provide two readings.

“They first sent me a bill which averaged €226 a month. I said it’s impossible. After a few calls and investigations, it’s around €112.

“Imagine being told multiple times it’s correct and then all this time they’ve miscalculated.

“The only reason why I even discovered the issue is because I asked for advice from someone who works with another provider and she noticed this issue. It’s all mad.”

Wendy’s Tweet was hugely appreciated with over 90k people liking it and many people commenting for advice.

Replying to one person who was asked specifically what Wendy noticed and said, she replied: “Everyone’s situation is different but I felt like I was paying way more for someone who is living alone.

“I was even providing meter readings so they insisted it was accurate.

“I had to get someone I knew with some knowledge to look into it and they discovered my tariff didn’t reflect the metre readings I was providing.

“I learnt to just give meter readings every month and check that I’m on the correct tariff or it’s pointless!”

While most energy suppliers charge a flat rate for electricity, there are a few energy providers in the UK that offer different rates depending on whether you’re using electricity during the day or night.

Off-peak hours tend to be quieter periods when power demand is at its lowest, such as between 10pm and 8am.

Homes on these tariffs need either a dual-rate meter or a smart meter, which can record how much electricity you’re using at different times of the day.

This allows your supplier to charge you a cheaper rate during off-peak times.

The following plans offer a varied charge: Economy 7 and Economy 10, Green Energy UK’s Tide tariff and Agile Octopus.